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Message For Plastic Surgeons

As post-surgical recovery massage practitioners,  we have been caring for patients with elective-post-op surgery recovery to cancer, autoimmune and many other medical conditions such as allergic reaction to medications, genetic disorders and surgeries resulting in side effects of edema, inflammation and swelling. Our post-surgical treatment protocols have been proven to significantly reduce recovery time and excessive swelling within all major parts of the body weather it’s from post-surgical complications, medication side effects, lymphedema, lipedema, autoimmune, emotional & mental distress and other physical traumas.

Following your pre- and post- operative protocol and working within our scope of practice are important to us. Working hand in hand with you and your patients to provide the best recovery therapies to assist your patients with accelerated healing. 

At our office, we work closely with many doctors of plastic surgery and oncology, we have a strict clinical protocol that we follow. Throughout the years continuously, as independent contractors, we  have had many honors and privileges of working with several top plastic surgeons as private concierge therapists throughout California and other states.

At American Post-Ops, we DO NOT:

  • Drain seroma
  • Reopen incisions
  • We do not drain fluid outside the body nor provide Incisional Drainage (ID), and Lymphatic Express Drainage (LED), OR offer Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage (BLDM)
  • Massage directly over surgical incisional lines/wound sites
  • To avoid skin and blood supply shearing, we do not massage over sheet/ or faja/compression
  • We do not use any type of machinery to perform psMLD and PORM/PSRC for patients

That’s out of the scope of massage therapy practice, IT’S AGAINST THE LAW  and unnecessary.

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