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If you are a Plastic Surgeon, Neurologist, Orthopedist, General Practitioner, Psychiatrist, Podiatrist, Oral Surgeon, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Dietitian, Nutritionist, Herbalist, or Personal Trainer, Corporate HR, Law Office, Construction Company, etc., please contact us if you see that our services can be beneficial to your patients/clients.

  • Lymphatic massage is extremely effective in plastic surgery recovery
  • Patients can expect up to 50% quicker recovery
  • The procedure cleanses your lymphatic system and reduces swelling
  • Reducing the bruising caused after surgery
  • Increasing removal of cellular debris and other toxic wastes
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Stimulating the immune system by improving immune cell transport
  • Reducing pain and sensitivity

 Plastic surgeons frequently recommend manual lymphatic drainage for a recovering liposuction and plastic surgery patient as a part of post-surgical recovery. Post-Surgical Manual Lymphatic Massage  after liposuction/plastic surgery, gently moves lymph to areas with functioning lymph vessels. Due to a decrease in post-surgical swelling and scar tissue formation (fibrosis), providers believe lymph massage decreases recovery time and provides optimal results. This type of massage also helps alleviate fluid buildup after medical treatment or illness blocks your lymphatic system.

How can we work together?

  1. If you would like us to become Subcontractor/Independent Contractor/Preferred psMLD Service Provider , we would love to hear from you.
  2. If you would like to build a new massage practice within your office, we also can help you. At your selection, we can customize a massage therapy plan to cater to your patient’s needs and develop psMLD and PORC packages according to your preferred protocol
  3. If you would like to pay for pre/ post-surgical MLD treatment sessions for your patients/clients, please contact/text us at (949) 325-5324. We can perform the treatment in our center, your office or at the patient’s home and bill your practice. As form of payment, we accept check and credit card payments and will email a receipt for your records. Please contact us for our billing/EIN/NPI details.

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