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More and more insurance companies are covering Medical Massage treatments, and our practice now offers superbill. If your health insurance carrier covers massage treatments and you would like to use your benefit with us, please contact us so we can assist you

Massage treatment such as deep tissue, manual lymphatic massage, myofascial release, and more is suitable for those who are in pain, have tension or need to increase flexibility and performance. If you know that your health insurance carrier does not cover massage, you might be able to use your Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for your massage therapy sessions.

All patients with injuries and who want to use their health insurances MUST see their medical practitioner/general physician and get a definitive diagnosis of the injury before booking a massage: For medical reason and effectiveness of rehabilitation, we may require a “scrip” (a written prescription with official diagnosis “Prescription of Massage”) from your doctor to perform certain types of massage. While massage therapists tend to not “treat” ailments, certain massage techniques benefit certain ailments or injuries, and physicians know this and will recommend massage. Massage is not a replacement for regular or emergency medical care.

All patients with specific health conditions must have a physician clearance by their doctor before receiving any type of massage at our center: Patients with certain conditions such as acute bulging discs, acute accidents or injuries, or uncontrolled high blood pressure and clients taking certain medications such as blood thinners are generally not recommended for certain types of massage (until they have been cleared from their physicians).

For the purpose of insurance billing or super bill billing process, PI and Worker’s Comp cases, usage of HAS/FSA; a massage prescription (and physician CPT CODES) from your physician is/may be required. Please contact our office for more details or have specific questions or concerns. We are looking forward to assisting you.

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